Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Below is yesterday's playlist. In the future, I will have podcasts available on the UMFM website coinciding with these lists. For the most part, yesterday's show consisted of a bunch of comfortable (and predictable) songs. I couldn't help but play tons of the new Superchunk which simply just kicks ass. Also, I've linked O Paon's website. Please take a gander. She is an extremely gifted songwriter that one can only hope takes off soon. Take a look and enjoy!

Superchunk - "Digging for Something" from Majesty Shredding
Miles Davis - "Miles Runs the Voodoo Down" from Bitches Brew (Legacy Edition)

Set #1
Talking Heads - "Seen and Not Seen" from Remain in Light
Talking Heads - "Listening Wind" from Remain in Light
A Certain Ration - "Life's a Scream" from The Old and The New
PiL - "Swan Lake" from Metal Box

Set #2
Superchunk - "Learning to Serf" from Majesty Shredding
Superchunk - "Crossed Wires" from Majesty Shredding
Superchunk - "Ribbon" from Incidental Music 1991 - 1995
Superchunk - "Throwing Things" from No Poky for Kitty

Set #3
Freeway and Jake One - "One Foot In" from Stimulus Package
Eric Chenaux - "Warm Charleston" from Warm Weather
Siskiyou - "Funeral Song" from Siskiyou
Ryan Driver - "Am I Still too Late" from Who's Breathing?
O Paon - "Raffinerie" from Courses

Young Rival - "Modern Life" from Young Rival

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